My Book World Edition II wireless connection


I have My Book World Edition II and I can connect normall via ethernet using WIN7 PRO or Lixux Mint using my Draytek Vigor router.

However I cannot connect wireless via my Dell laptop using WIN 7PRO.

Any ideas?


Hello dimoss, your laptop and the My Book must be connected to the same wireless router and part of the same network. 


Both my laptop and MyBook are connected to the same router and are parts of the same network named ‘WORKGROUP’ withe same router gateway.

This is not the problem.

When I connect the laptop directly to the router using an ethernet cable everything is ok.

The problem stands only with wifi

Hi again, if both are part of the same network, try setting a static IP for the My Book World and then try to map it on the laptop while using that IP number. For more information go to page 92 of the manual.