My Book World Edition II (White Light) - Frequently going off from the network


I have a MY Book World Edition II (While Light) 2TB (2 * 1 TB). I connected it to my router using a network cable. 

While setting up i had issue with dynamic IP. It was not taking the dynamic IP from the router. So i gave a static IP. It appeared under Networks node on my laptops (Win 7 & Win 8). I was able to browse, copy data to the disk. But i have the following issues.

  1. Want to know why its not accepting the dynamic IP. Eventhough this issue is now solved,  wanted to know if there is any known issue in this.

  2. Everytime, after powering on and using it it for a while, it stops responding and it get a message “Windows cannot access \XXXXXXXXXXX”.  When i ping the IP, i get a reply from the device. LED at the bottom is on. Not sure what could be the reason. I need to power off and then power on to use it again. This is awfully painful :cry:when a backup is running.

  3. When i try to copy, the transfer rate keeps varying. Most often it will be around 2 MB or between 1.5 to 2,5 MB. But i believe it should be more faster than the current speed. This device is connected to a ASUS gigabit router. So router could not be an issue i guess.

Any ideas/pointers to solve these issues.

Thanks in Advance.


I just started having this same problem recently.  After over a year of no issues, recently the HD will lose connectivity to my network.  It is hardwired.  When I power off the drive and power back on, it shows up again in my network.

Thanks for any help in resolving this!