My Book World Edition II (white light): Disk full at half capacity (500GB on 2TB drive)

My WD external disk set is 99% full, but I can only track a little under 500GB of data combined on all shares.  Before anyone asks I have the two 1TB drives set up in mirroring, so I expect to see a 1TB capacity.  In fact, at the volume level I see 1000GB of total capacity, and the disk appears to be 99%, at something like 989GB.

Problem is, I can only find a total of 498GB or so of data when I analyze all of the shares and subdirectories.  I cannot account, through the external shares, for the other 500GB of “occupied” space.

I use Wonky and the integrated downloader, as well as the Memeo PC backup software.  Is there something in the background on the WD unit that is eating my disks?  Who can be sitting in the empty space??

Thanks for your help.

OK, I will answer my own question.  

My Book was right and the disk analyzer was wrong.  The 500GB of data were old, outdated backups parked in sub-sub-directories on a “backups” share.  Both Memeo and Windows 7 had been doing various backups without my knowledge (I’m that senile) for some time.

The disk analyzer I was using appeared to be drilling down on all directories–God knows it took long enough to **bleep** up the heirarchies–but in the end whacking off one old backup directory freed up 150GB in one fell swoop.  At that point I just cancelled the share on the WD, and created a new, fresh one.  After backing up my currently operational machines I now have 490GB free on the NAS.

And I can listen to the stereo again in the living room.

A word from the wise: never trust software that you expect to be doing a complete job.  It may not be as good as you think.



Check under the network storage manager and see what capacity shows there