My Book World Edition II Temperature Problem


I’m suspecting the reason my NAS hangs, it’s because of temperature, so I need not only to disconnect power cable, also I have to wait until Temps. low down… (When it hangs, HDD’s goes up to 45ºC/113ºF)

I cannot understand why it doesn’t come with a fan cooler on it’s top, as it’s way to hot.

Anything I can do to solve it?


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It does not come with a cooler 'cause is not necessary

what you are experiencing is due to a failure on the drive

backup all data and consider replacing 

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Thanks Bud, I have just created the RMA to send it to WD for a replacement, as they recognizing something is failing on the controller card which is causing the heat and the hangs

Any Time…

That’s exactly what I thought 

Well, here’s my feedback after RMA…

-Received new NAS (Exactly same model)

-Checked temperature on Full Load and Idle: Perfect

-Uploading what was backed up from previous NAS I’ve sent to WD (Using only 1 Transfer for it): Hanged… :S

-Unplug the power cord, as the only way to make it respond and try again: Hanged… :S

Transfers that involves uploading to NAS more than 100GB cannot be handled by this model it seems…

I waited for RMA for NOTHING…

Now I’m requesting support to WD again for a final solution, or an RMA but getting a better product as it seems this model S***KS

Next time, I’ll read forums before buying… I see WD cannot be trusted as some years ago…

Update 1: I found that I can transfer Big Stuff (more than 300GB), but only through FTP, it’s the only way to avoid the hangs.