My Book World Edition II (blue rings)

We use a “My Book World Edition II (blue rings)” (1TB, RAID) in our office as a backup for our individual systems. Recently during regular backup procedures the PC’s are suddenly unable to find the target directory on the drive. When storing smaller files (couple of MB’s), this issue does not arise, however as soon as several GB’s are being copied to the drive, the WDMB freezes. The blue rings around the ON/OFF switch flash alternately and the WDMB will not shut down normally (have to pull plug). Once the system has been shut down and rebooted the system works fine. We can access the drive and directories (a bit slower than usual) and the system continues to work until we start moving larger files back and forth again.

We assume the processor or the mainboard (or both) is shot and needs replacing. Is this possible? Are there processors or prefab mainboards for a WDMB World Edition II available? If not, who do I turn to (WD says they do not do repairs).

Thanks for any help or assistance you can provide.

Sounds like data corruption, try backing up your files and then do a factory restore to delete all files in the my book. If the problem continues, you can follow the link below to verify the warranty or contact tech support directly.