My Book World Edition II (blue rings) is bricked!

Hello everyone, sorry for my bad english.
I played with my WD MY BOOK WORLD EDITION II (Blue Ring Raid-0), are entered into the root via SSH (
I installed trasmission, etc. Optware. etc…

I installed Inadyn (Dynamic DNS) After I did some disaster. (the root = GOD can not be touched, now I know), and now I find myself on a brick MY BOOK:

  1. It does not recognize the root password

  2. I can not access user created public to get in SSH, but if I type “su -”
    I asked the old password, but it says wrong password (it is the same with which I log in as a user!)

  3. If I go to the web interface tells me: Applying new firmware.
    It Appears That one of your drives is faulty or in an inconsistent state. Please make sure your drives are OK before retrying. "
    I’ve been waiting days, I shut down and restarted my NAS, but the answer remains locked … Applying new firmware etc.etc.
    You can stop this fake upgrade process?

How can I fix the problem?
The data inside I do not care, I can restore everything to the factory state ???

Thanks to all


I do not know if a factory reset will help; there’s a risk the process will conflict with user-modified files. 

Here’s the User Manual for this particular unit, but I could not find any info related to a factory reset.


thanks so much for your answer.