My Book World Edition II (blue rings) Failed Drive A (or not?!)

Hello WD great community,

We rely on you for an answer to our problem.

Lately the NAS started freezing and not responding to any commands, including power button.

Mostly the web interface showed status “Synchronizing”, but once, we have seen “Drive A failed”.

So we pulled out the drive A and tested it with the extended test of “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows”.

We did the same thing for drive B too. Result: no errors.

Then, we ran NAS testing tools as ATO Disk Benchmark (continuous read/write) and Intel NAS performance toolkit (burn-in tests) and same result: no errors. Also, the NAS did not blocked since or during the tests.

So the questions is now: can we still rely on this NAS? Should we send it to RMA? If so, what? The box? The drive A, the drive B?

Thank you for a quick answer,

If you plan on persuing with a RMA I belive you would have to send drive A+B and the inclosure to be sure contact WD tech support on that matter