My book world edition II blue ring can't boot up. Any way to get the data out?

I have a mybook world edition II blue ring.  It was working fine for a while and then kept disappearing on the network.  It would work again if I rebooted it but as of recently it won’t boot up at all anymore. When I  plug a power cable in the unit, the blue light will up  and then off very quickly.  I think that probably means power cable is fine but no fans, no boot up.  I guess it is broken, but I really want to get the data out.  I used an external usb bridge to connect the harddirves (I took them out of case) directly to my PCs.  Windows 7 can detect the drive but can’t see anything else.  I used the disk management to check the drive.  Harddive is there but no Volume.  I don’t know what did I do wrong.  Is there anyway I can get the data out? 

I have the same problem exactly as yours. Did you find a solution? I am wodering if the controller board is bad and needs to be replaced? If so I need to know where to source the board.

Same problem here!

I have two of these devices (blue ring my book world edition 2TB), device 1 is raid 1 at 1TB, device 2 is raid 0 at 2TB. Device 1 has been in use for a couple of years, device 2 has been new in a box unused and only fired up two months ago.

Device 2 has failed. I upgraded the firmware on both devices a month ago to 02.00.18. I was simply moving data a couple of days ago form device 1 to device 2, the copy hung, device 2 was unresponsive. I pulled the power and that was that.

When power is applied the blue light very briefly flashes, the drives spin up but the boot process does not complete.

I’ve not messed further with the broken device, I want to get the data back!