My Book World Edition II (Blue Lights) wont boot


I have a peculiar problem. I required a sudden storage space to swap some of the files on my computer. So I removed these drives after safely shutting down. Formatted to NTFS system and used the hard drives for my purpose and then inserted back into the mbwe box. Now when I am powering it on, it wont boot. I donot know why this happened. I came to know there is ROM space where the firmware is stored. But this unit is not booting now? Anything wrong I did. And if I did is there any way I can get it online. There is no data on the hard drives So I am not worried. Is there any way like “factory reset” or hard reset procedures?


You have erased the operating system (firmware) of the MBWE. Yes, it resides on the hard disk, not on a separate flash disk. So you have to recreate the original partitions in order to bring your MBWE back to life.


Hope this helps.



But I have PC machine only and no Linux machines. Another problem?

You may be stuck with RMA’ing the drive.  However, I would call tech support and see if they can help you.  You can also search the WD knowledge base for this issue.

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