My Book World Edition II 4TB need help to access data in Linux

Dear All,

I don’t have anymore access to the data in the MBWE II, but both of the disk are ok.

IT is RAID 1, so in every disk there should be a copy of the data.

Following the istruction found here I connect 1 disk to the SATA port of my pc, and

I start the machine with Ubuntu Live CD.

But I need help with linux command in order to mount the 4th partition (the 2TB partition),

I can mount the other but the 4th doesn’t mount.

Can someone help me? Please.

Thank you in advance for every suggestion.


Make sure the my book is connected directly into a wall outlet. with that said here is a trick try removeing the drives from the enclosure then putting them back in.   let me know how that works. In case you need help on dismantling heres a link with instructions.

if the format of HD is ext3, you can mount following this command:

mount -t ext3 /dev/driver /media/dir_mount

if the format of HD is ntfs, you need to check your system whether suport  ntfs filesystem or not.

if yes, you can following this command:

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/driver /media/dir_mount

if no, you need to install ntfs-3g filesystem derive