My Book World edition can't be controlled

Hi to all,

I’ve a really strange problem with my “My Book world edition 1T”: since November I’m not be able to use it.

The disk is linked to the electric network and the white light on the front panel is turned on, but I can’t turn the unit off, also if I try to press the on/off button on the back side.

I’ve tried to reset the unit, to use the “WD discovery tool” but them do not work and I cannot use the unit.

If I link the unit to my router the green light on Ethernet cable turn on and the router “feel” the disk, but the unit is not recognized by my LAN.

Does someone have any idea?? 


Check the following link on how to reset the My book world

Hi ragdexx and thank You for your answer.

So, in The end, The truth si that The reset button does not work too.

Today I have some news: i decided to test different parts of MBWE separately and Now i know that The hdd works and The real issue is about  The mobo.

in fact if I try to link only The motherboard to electric network i Found The same situation i mentioned above.

the led “CR4” stay always ON and The led CR2 turns on every 5/6 seconds also if The hdd is not linked  to The mobo.

Any tips?