My Book World Edition (Blue Rings) LED not functioning

Hello all,

I have a My Book World Edition 1TB with blue rings. It was solid blue when I lost power at home. When the power came back on  the LEDs will not come back on. There is power to it because the box has a slight vibration. Im out of ideas. I have a lot of data on that drive that I need. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have the same problem and would also love assistance. 


It’s my problem too.

Since few days can’t acces my network drive, sometimes it turns on and works few minutes and than stalls!

Tryed to recover data and migate to other drive but it is not responding.

I have filed to RMA but I want my data back before I send it to WD.



It has standard sata harddrive inside so if you don’t mind losing warranty, you can always open My Book, take the drive out and install it into the computer. However if I am correct it uses ext2 filesystem which is cannot be read by windows (not sure about mac). But there are tools like explore2fs or filesystem plugin to Totalcommander which allows to copy data from the drive. I think that most people who know how to build computer from components shoud be able to do it.

As for fixing the MyBook itself I am afraid it could be fried.