My Book World Edition Blue Rings 1TB


Drive Spins up.

Blue Rings do not light up  *no LED’s on Front panel*

Router shows Solid lights (no flickering)

Drive does not mount (obviously)

Have tried every reboot, cold boot, soft reset, hard reset I could find.

Drive spins up.  Front panel Blue Rings never light up. 

Sounds like the drive is functional, but the I/O board between the drive in the Network card are either fried or non-responding.

With the exception of previously mentioned “Boot my machine in Linux and read and copy my files to another 1TB drive”,

Are there other suggestions, fuses or other issues I may have missed that do not involve unmounting my drive, creating a Linux Boot Disk,  and copying all my files?

Yes, I would be happy to take over the external case of someone elses 1 TB blue rings drive, and swap my own back in…

Hi there, if the drive itself seems to be working but the case is not, then taking it apart is the way to go… The internal drive should have the EXT3 file system, so you DO need Linux or install a software able to read EXT3.

Best of luck!

I’ve had the same problem while I was transferring files to the drive and it locked up.  There are some useful threads here in this forum that has helped but I found that this website made the process much more simpler with regards to recovering the data particularly if you made additional folders on the drive.  This process makes the folders accessible to the files in those folders.

When you are in Ubuntu and open the terminal window.  Also verify the HD address from the Disk Utility function under System \ Administration options.

Open up the terminal window under Applications \ Accessories and basically type these command strings:

$ sudo mkdir /media/xyz
$ sudo mount /dev/md4 /media/xyz
$ sudo chmod -R 777 /media/xyz

and viola!  Just search for the drive in the File System icon and go to Media \ XYZ folder and there is your data!  Ubuntu may mount the drive to the desktop and then you can copy your files to another drive on your computer.