My book world edition and WD share

I heed more space.  I have the myBook World Ed. II.  If i get the new WD Share, will i still be able to use the My Book World?  Can they be managed from the same GUI?


If you need more space for the network drive then you can purchase a USB external drive and connect the drive to the my book World

The Maximum Capacity you can connect throug  USB IS 1TB, then you can add that to then Network.

I think that looking for multiple device management  through a single GUI is a bit of a tall order for a consumer/soho/workgroup oriented device - you could always have two tabs open in the same browser though :wink:

Also consider that you can have both devices alert to the same central monitoring “destination” - so you can centrally monitor the devices.

As mentioned in a prior post, you can utilise one or more external USB drives between the devices as the ShareSpace has upto 3 USB ports available - but I would recommend the use of a supported UPS to be hooked into one of the ShareSpace USB ports - cutting you down to the two ports.