My Book World Edition 2TB have a demaged Drive

My Book World Edition (wd200000d033-001) have ine of 2 disks (1TB) demaged.
It’ only LAN Drive.

The 2 drives are in Stripe Mode and then it’s inusable.
I Try to sobstituite te disk with a new WD RED drive, the led lamps continuosly for ours, but I cannot reinizialize the RAID configuration.
How can I restore the funtionality of the drive?

If I Try to insert 2 new 1TB drivers the Frontal LED never Turn ON!
Can I insert 2 new 2 TB disks?

Thank You,

It’s possible for the controller to be incompatible with the units. It also holds the operating system within the storage drives, which means replacing both internal hard drives at once results in the unit being unable to boot/operate.