My Book World Edition 2 White Light setup


I have a 2TB MBWE2 as RAID 1 that has served well for some time and have how bought a second chassis that was originally a 4TB unit but has no HDDs.  I plan to remove one of the HDDs from the 2TB unit (so a 1TB HDD) to use for setting up the 4TB unit using a new 2TB drive as the second drive.  Once the unit is setup, then remove the 1TB drive and replace it in the 2TB unit and instal a matching second 2TB HDD in the 4TB unit.  I figure that is the easiest way to bring the 4TB unit back to life rather than all the faf involved in seting up a new drive from scratch.  I also realise the time it will take as I’l effectively be doing (potentially) three rebuilds.


I understand it is best to back up the data in the 2TB unit somewhere else before I start just as a safeguard.

Thanks in advance.



AFAIK, the firmware information on those drive are unique and they are configure to be regconize in the enclosure that came with the drive.

You might not be able to do that.