My Book World Edition 2 White Light and OSX Mountain Lion Sleep

When I mount the Public or Download Volume using my password and the icon is on the desktop all is well until the iMac or the My Book World goes to sleep then the icon disappears. Is there a way to prevent the icon from leaving the desktop?

Hi, try using a static IP for the my book. 

OK I need help with this. I know in the DashBoard I choose Network then Static in the drop down menu, but what do i do after that? What do I have to fill in and where do I get the info? Thanks.

For the IP you need to know the IP range used by your router, but it usually is in the to range. To avoid any IP conflicts you need to setup a static IP on all of the devices connected to your router, so for device #1 you can use, for device #2 and so on, for the Net Mask you can enter, for gateway you need to enter your router IP number, it usually is on most routers, for the DNS you can enter or

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