My Book World Edition 1TB (White Light)- FED UP WITH THIS PRODUCT!


I only bought this last week and have had nothing but trouble with it!

I am using MACBOOK PRO MAC OS X 10.6.6 and would like to use MY Book with Time Machine.

I eventually managed to connect MY Book to Time Machine and started to do a backup which took a few hours as expected.

The problem is, the backup was completed and done ( it has definitely taken up space on the MY Book disk). However, I do not know where the backup has gone. IN addition, TIme Machine now reports that the latest backup has been DELAYED or Backup Disk cannot be found.

This is such a disappointing product. I am very much a novice user and was not expecting so much trouble with this product. The impression you are given from the supporting literature is that all setup will be easy. It is far from it in my experience.

Please can someone advise me as I want a backup system that is reliable and can maintain a connection with TIme Machine.

Im not using time machine on the my book but I did find some helpful information on page 44 of the user manuel