My book world edition 1tb not seen by explorer/ discovery doesnt work


I have a My book world edition 1 TB and its interesting. Discovery wont work on my computer I dont know why and WD said I didnt need it. So I move on and I using it for backup with acronis and it works . Backing up is fine but I can’t see the drive on my XP machine under windows explorer all the time . I must be doing something really wrong but I dont know what.

My machine AMD processor 4 gig xp sp3.

My book wold edition wd1000h1nc-00

any help appreciated

Sometimes the WD Discovery software won’t detect a drive, but that’s not a big deal as long as everything else works.

If the drive disappears from time to time, that sounds like some sort of networking issue.  You might want to make sure you can access the drive’s web interface.  You can do this by typing the My Book World’s hostname (“mybookworld” by default) or IP address into your web browser’s address bar.

If you can access the UI that way, you might want to change the networking settings to set up a static IP address–this can sometimes make things more reliable.