My Book World Edition (1TB) - any RAID options (+ Mirror Edition)

Hi all,

I already own a My Book Mirror Edition 1Tb -  that’s 2 x 500 GB drives on RAID 1.

I was thinking about purchasing a World Edition (1TB) - that’s 2 x 500 GB drives, but World Edition 1Tb doesn’t support RAID as far as i understand?

My question is whether anyone knows if I hook up the Mirror Edition to the World Edition via USB, can I set my Mirror Edition in Raid 0, then set-up them both in Raid 1 i.e. could I get the World Edition 1Tb to mirror on the Mirror Edition 1Tb (now in RAID 0)?

My hoped-for outcome is that I can access/upload data wirelessly over the World Edition where it saves on the 1Tb worth of storage, then mirrors on my other Mirror Edition 1Tb drive automatically on RAID 1.

Bonus points is anyone can tell me if i’ll lose the data if i change my Mirror Edition RAID set-up from RAID 1 to 0?

Many thanks!

No, you can’t mirror the data on your my book world to the my book mirror, unless you use some kind of third party software that will do that from a computer.

Yes, you will lose all your data if you change from RAID 0 to RAID 1 (mirrored).