My Book World Ed White

Actions: Powered down and disconnected power to re-engage the drive. Found the IP changed and so the map links I had no longer access. I can connect to advanced mode under Admin manage. Have White light off in settings. Can see that the folders I want to access exist, but cannot access the content from Windows 10 Network. Checked the SMD1 in add Windows features. No longer supported. Page for this drive not helpful. I know I am doing something stupid, but the manual suggests using WD Discovery. Of course Discovery is not supported and vectors me to download some app that appears to not apply.

Issue: When I click the icon for the drive under network, I go to back to the web page. I want to access the contents of the drive.

How do I access the folders?

Hi @geer44,

Please follow the link below to assist you with accessing folders on WD My Book World (white light): Error