My book World ed II raid 0 data recovery

well short story, updated my 4 TB my Book World Edition 2 firmware 2 days ago. all went smoth till the firmware update success/reboot msg . the device never booted again.

 i am now trying to recover my data with the 2 raid 0 Hdds connected to a pc with linux boot cd. all utilities including mdadm and disktype reports invalid superblocks and no file system types...

 while i still can see the 4 parttions on each hd. i am unable to assemble or mount them. i tried a rip linux version and ubunto 10.10.

 I am a linux newbie and totaly lost here :( 
Any help / suggestion would be welcome 

side note: why in **bleep** did WD choose to force you to use raid 0 when you want to use ur Nas as a storage device.... and why did they store the system on the same devices than the storage area. pretty bad and unsafe design tbh ...

I am sorry to here about the situation that you are having and can only suggest a few troubleshooting steps that might aid in your data recovery.

If you want to have a little insight on ubunto try reading this post. Keep in mind that the post is directed towards the sharespace and raid 1. But the knowledge that can be gained from this post about ubunto is extremly helpful.

When all else failes I would suggest that you contact a data recovery agency to see if you can recover your data.

here are some suggestions