My Book World Ed. II (BLUE RINGS) HELP!

I recently sold my Western Digital My Book World Edition (with blue rings) to my friend. He has windows 7 on his computer and would like to install the appropriate software in order to use the external hard drive. It has sat around for years now because after I installed it on my old computer, 30 days went by and MioNet wouldnt let me connect to it any longer.  They wanted money to access it or something.  So I just pushed it aside and forgot about it while I was in the Army. Well I sold it to my buddy and we both have no clue how to get this thing working or how to get the computer to find it.  I do remember I had to connect it to my router and apply power, but after that I can not help him. I am a little better at computers than he is so I will try to do all of the research and just show him.

I can not find the install/setup cd’s anywhere. When I first bought the external hard drive, I registered it with WD, so my information should be on the product.  After we get this thing able to read, I would like to hae it registered to him although it probably doesnt matter at this point. 

I have searched around and can NOT find any links to get the external hard drive to install on his computer.  I have downloaded and installed a few from WD website, but nothing is working.

Are there a links that that you guys can provide to help get the external hard drive working on his network and able to back up his files? Again, we can not find any of the cd’s so we can not connect his computer to the My Book.  We seriously spent all of yesterday in the basement and attic looking for them and came across just the old box with 1/8" of dust on it !!

What were looking at accomplishing here is to:

  • Allow his computer to link up with the HD
  • Transfer/Backup his files to the HD
  • Avoid using MioNet (if possible)  /  or atleast use the 30 day trial to delete my files and add his

Thank you guys very much, in advance, for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.


You shouldn’t need Mionet for My Book setup. Unless you changed the settings to static IP it obtains its IP address automatically by DHCP from router (also should be default behaviour after reset). So log in to the router to which is My Book connected. Now some routers show IP addresses of devices connected to them. Then simply try to type IPs into the browser and hopefully one of them will bring up my books web interface. If the router does not show the IPs look for page which contains DHCP settings. There should be something like enable/disable DHCP and fields stating something like IP starting address and IP ending address. Then simply try every IP number in the range and again one of them should bring the My Books web interface.

I ended up speaking to a WD technical representative. 

He walked me through the process.  Starting with trying to get onto the My Book World Edition II (blue rings) via my other laptop (has Windows XP).  We ended up finding the external hard drive and maping it to the laptop.  However we were unable to get the PC (windows 7) to find it or to map to it.  So it looks like the BLUE RINGS external hard drive is not compatible with Windows 7. 

If anyone has a way to work around this, please post up a link or instructions on how to allow the BLUE RINGS to sync up/ map to the Windows 7 computer.

Thanks for the response MINIO! !!

Sorry no work around It’s true its not compatible with win 7

look at the specs