My Book World disappearing from network

Regarding iTunes, I  have same problem with MBW but I’ve never activated iTunes :frowning:   but Twonky is activated.

I have troubles to really understant our problem as my MBW worked fine for few years now and it’s just since beginning of this year that I have issues (withou major changes on my network config or new material). So …


Hi all,

Same problem here. Started about 9 months ago, and the server disappears from the network within 8 hours or less. Running Twonky (not iTunes, HD Sleep is off).

This is becoming a loosing proposition. Is it time to go for a new storage device?



Sorry late on this. I am confused, lots of reporting the same, but no way forward?

Does the mean  the drive is failing?

My whites became boat anchor two years ago (4TB 2x2). Uninstall, reinstall. They don’t last an hour before Windows 7 can’t see 'em. I’d like to HAVE that 4TB I paid for now!!! Where can I find a REAL solution?


I solved my WD My Book Live connection/disappearing problems with 2 setting modification. First i unchecked HDD Sleep option (dashboard->settings->system->Energy Saver->uncheck hard disk sleep) and second i activated UPnP from my router (Huawei Wlan router). My  MBL is connected to external wifi range extender, because my main router doesn’t have ethernet ports. Now its been up and running since this morning (10 hours).

At this URL you wil find the answer to this problem :

The author of solution is Vlado. Thanks.


Can’t believe this thread has been going on as long as it has ! 

Thanks for all the posts. My update is I’ve ditched WD drive & bought a Seagate one ! My experience with MyBook was so bad it put me off getting another one, so hence I got the Seagate.

Good luck in sorting yours.

Ask me what I did not try for last 18 months… downgrading the Firmware, Disabling twinkeee…iTunes, editing configuration files using the console or many other funny suggestions…I went through all what I found in online forums and even took help from WD helpdesk but nothing worked.


Think, WD My Book World is not (anymore) Plug and Play device in windows 7. You need to go to device manager at control panel and manually show the path for the driver file.

I had the original installation disk where I found the driver files. You can download the image file for the entire installation disk from WD website.

Remember, running the SETUP file from the installation disk will not install the device driver.

Probable reason for disappearing the drive from the network is, your pc or any other pc in the network is not behaving well with the drive. So it stops responding to any request and disappears. To make your PC behave, follow these steps (for whom who needs details):

  1. Plug in WD MB World to the network and turn it on.
  2. Control Panel --> System --> Device manager --> Disks : Here you will see the drive is listed.
  3. Update / install the driver by showing the path manually.
  4. Now check the Network in windows explorer. MyBookWorld icon looks EXACTLY like the device looks like, that means you’re done.
  5. Now you can turn on other pc’s in the network and follow the same steps.

Good luck and let us know if this helps.