My Book World (blue rings) wd10000d033 RAID degraded, can't reset admin password

A friend gave me their My Book World (Blue rings), part wd10000d033, to work on to see if I could get their files off of it. The LED pattern is indicating a degraded RAID, which makes sense since one of the drives is clicking. I plugged the working drive into a Windows 7 PC, and I can see several partitions, but can’t mount them. I saw some articles talking about EXT4 and Linux Live CDs, so that makes sense.

I plugged the drive into my network, and I can get to the web UI. However, my friend doesn’t remember the password he used, and the 4 second (from the manual) and 20 second reset procedures are not resetting the password back to the defaults.

I saw an article about a 40 second reset procedure, but I’m worried that it will wipe the data, since it’s referring to some other My Cloud models.

Should the unit reset its password even if the RAID is degraded? What step should I take next?

Firmware 01.01.18

Wrong subforum. This subforum is for the single bay My Cloud devices. Try the following subforum for the My Book World.

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