My Book World (Blue Ring) & External USB Drive

Hi I’ve got a 500gb WD drive and a 1TB external Toshiba drive I would like to attach to it but I’m having trouble getting the shared folder to work.

Originally the drive was NTFS formatted and I could see the drive in the WD web interface but it was sloooooooow.

I read somewhere that the drive should be FAT32 instead of NTFS so I tried that. I can see the drive in the WD interface and create shares for it but when I click on the Volume button I get a whole pile of options like HDD 1 partition 2 etc when the Toshiba drive only has two partitions. So looked wrong but I created a couple of shares for some of these volumes anyway but when I try to map them in win8 I can see share but can’t connect to it. My regular WD HD share is working fine throughout.

I read the my book world manual and it just said to plug the HD into the usb plug in the back which sounded easy enough but it doesn’t work.

What do I need to do to this external USB HD to get it to work so that I can actually use the drive in windows?


This particular drive works better when the external drives capacity does not exceed the capacity of the unit.

Try using a smaller capacity drive and see how it goes.