My Book world blue ring dead

Hi All,
Recently my 1 Terabyte mybookworld has been acting up, it has refused to start a fez times and today it just gave up the ghost. Blue rings refused to appear and resetting, disconnecting etc… refused to alter things. It was gently ticking to itself - drive tick, but as the outer blue ring is basically power I believe the control board to be at fault. I can see the drives (there are 2 RAIDed together) when I connect then to a spare SATA connector in the Linux PC, so the data is fine, which after a lot of trying I was able to access the data. However my brother who was helping me with Linux stuff pointed out that there was a similar problem on a different WD product that was fixed by changing the code see article - How to unbrick a totally dead WD My Cloud
I wonder if anyone on here has experience in this process and wondered if it could be used on my product?