My Book World - Blue Light

I purchased the My Book a few years ago and used it in my office. The product worked great. I moved my office into my home and have been trying to reinstall the drive on my network. There was a problem with the Anywhere Access program so I down loaded the program from WD. When I try to install it I get a message that says that an old version is on the computer and it can not install the new program. I have tried to uninstall the old program through Control Panel - Add/Remove program but when I click on the program there is not “remove” button. I have deleted the program and it’s files from all the sub directories but I still can not install the Anywhere Access program, and therefore, can’t install the drive.

Now I’m in a situation where all my data is on the drive and I can’t get to it. I tried calling WD but after 3 hours waiting for someone to pick up I gave up.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

Joe Rowland

The Anywhere Access program is only one of the methods to connect to the drive.

You can type \mybookworld on your browser and connect to the drive.

If you changed the name on the drive then type “\drivename”

Another thing you can do is go to network places and check the list of network drives.

Check the link bellow for more information: