My Book World App classic

Hi, i use the App classic on a iphone5, i can see the preview image form the HD WD but when i clic on the image can’t see this.

Can you help me


I am having the same problem on my IPad 3, I see preview of the photos as small icons on the left hand bar and when I click on them I see one or two intially and after that i get tthe the below error

Network Connection failure. (1)

Once i get his error nothign happens when i click on the icons. However the icons all come up onteh left and bar.

Any suggestions or alternatives?

I am having the same issue. Any suggestions?



I have the same problem on both my iPhone5 and iPad.

Looks like there is something wrong with the app.

I have reinstalled it but same problem

exatly the same.

I try to see the demo and this can view regulary, then i try mybookw, i can see one image then appear the same message server failure.


I just did firmware update for my book world edition II but nothing change,

… and now the demo in the app dosn’t work more !!! 

Even I  see only the preview of the image. … Only one time i see a image befoure the firmware update, so i don’t know what u can do with this WD app,

and i soulve directly navigate from mobile browser with twonky media and i can see all my photos store in MyBookWorld edition II:smiley: … i will delete this useless app

I havé the same problem…

I have the same problem. WD Photos Classic, MyBook World white light, iPhone 4S. thumbnails show up, and updates with new ones uploaded to public/sharedpictures folder, but only occasionally shows a pic individually, then craps out to “network failure”.

one of the advisors in a previous thread suggested that it was possibly someone’s hardware problem; look at this thread. I doubt it. Looking for a fix here? We have no reason to trash our $100+ gigabit, perfectly functioning NAS’s!

There is clearly an issue here. I have the same problem and it is not caused by my MyBookWorld because if I go into Live Demo Drive the same problem occurs, it will download the thumbnails but not the full size photos.

I have an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the same problem occurs on all three. They used to work fine so I am convinced this is a WD app problem

I noticed EXACTLY THE SAME problem with my iPhone & iPad running WD Photos Classic and the World Book Edition Drive. This problem started since more than one month ago. Something was changed in latest release of WD Photos Classic that it only loads THUMBNAILS and never the full picture again.
It used to be a GREA APP, and now it simply does not work anymore. Is somebody from WD Tech Support going to provide us, their loyal customers for LONG a straight answer ???