My Book World advise for streaming

OK I’m turning to this community site in hopes to have opinions or my questions answered :slight_smile: I’m thinking in buying a My Book World NAS drive for the sole purpose of media streaming to my 4 XBOXs in the household and I’m looking for feedback if someone has any good or bad feedback with this type of setup using this drive… you I used to have an old Pentium Duo PC running Windows Media Player and streaming my movie collection to my XBOXs, but the PC die about a week ago and I’m invetigating if I should just buy another dedicated PC for this purpose or if the Book World edition drive will do the job strictly for the streaming and if it will be able to keep up HD content on multiple XBOX streaming connections.

I use it for streaming/downloading torrents on my XBMC, it works fine sometimes, but lately its been a piece of [Deleted]

At first it was awesome, later on while updating firmware it started giving out.

So do you believe I’ll be better off setting up a dedicated PC as I had before? Are you having these difficulties with My World I or II? Thanks for your reply :smiley: