My Book World 2TB NAS does NOT stay Mapped in Win 7 64 - - - WHY?

I have My Book World 2TB NAS installed in 2011:  WD20000H1NC-00.   Originally setup with Windows XP.   Changed system to Windows 7 Home Premium.   Same PC, router, etc.   Added new Nvidia graphics card (GTX 770, 2GB) but that should not affect the NAS.   (PC is Dell XPS 720, Intel Q6600 Quad, 8GB DDR2, 750GB WD HD, 2 ea 160 GB HDs, GTX 770-2GB,  DVD, CD/DVD RW, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi, 1kW PS, & more.

It has Mapped in past OK and remained Mapped.   Now it drops the Map overnight.    I can reboot the NAS (OFF-ON) or reste and am able to Map the drive (Public and Download) just fine.   All data it there.

What’s going on?   HDD StandBy is unchecked in MyBook World and should not revert to standby mode when not active - stays powered up.   


Have you tried setting up a static IP?

HDKnows -

What is a static IP & how is it set up?

BTW - my system is on 24/7.


Check page #85 of the User’s Manual

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Thanks.   Loking at the info the manual says " If you are not using DHCP, click Staticand manually assign the IP address."   I am using the DHCP settings.   I have several devices on my network and I don’t have to worry about setting the IP address for each one.

Are you suggesting I ignore the “manual” and set my own IP address just for the NAS from PC1.   Will all other devices retain their IP address via DHCP?   I would think so since this should only be changing the IP address for the MyBook World NAS.

Does this keep the MyBook World NAS Mapped until I UnMap it or other unknown incident?    Do I need to do this on each computer (PC2, PC3, . . .  etc.) using the NAS?   Or will mapping with WDLink on a different PC, (PC2, PC3, . . . etc.), on my network, detect the Static IP address now assigned to the NAS?

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Check page #85 of the User’s Manual

Well, I was hoping this would work but it does not.    The Mapping keeps getting lost and MyBook World NAS can no longer be found in the WDLink or in the older WD Discovery.   When I reset the NAS (punching the WorldBook reset button with opened paper clip), WorldBook appears in both WDLink and WD Discovery.    I then can Map the Public and Download partitions with WDLink.   But they will not stay mapped even after establishing the static link(s).  

Any other ideas?   It is very frustating to have to reset the NAS and remap the partitions (on each PC) everytime I want to access the NAS from all my networked PCs.


I recommend you contact WD support directly.

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