My Book World 1TB: loss of network connection

I have had a blue-LED 1TB WD World Book for a couple of years or so now, and have been very happy with it, until recently.

I have always had perfect access without Mionet, as a Windows ‘share,’ and have never had a problem with HTTP connections to the drive.

Recently, I have noticed the drive suddenly stops responding to network connectsions, even in the middle of an operation. Sometimes I notice a repeated ticking sound from the drive at this time.

The drive is 89% full.

I am accessing via Windows XP Media Centre with all SP and patches, and latest patched OS X.

Thanks in anticipation


I am having exactly the same problem. About a week ago connection would be lost periodically, and would be fixed with a reboot. However connection is now lost totally. Sometimes after a reboot I will get access for about 2 minutes and then connection is lost. This leads me to believe data is still OK, however it is useless if I cannot connect.

Does anyone have a solutiom or idea what the problem may be?

Thanks in Advance,


Can you try to disable network discovery on all of your computers to see if it helps? If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start / Control Panel

  2. Network and Internet

  3. Network and Sharing Center

  4. Change advanced sharing settings (on the left)

  5. Open Home or Work and choose “Turn off network discovery”

  6. Repeat for Public

This wouldn’t be a permanent fix, but might let you use your drive while we look into this. Thanks.

Thanks for the help and comments Troy. I turned off network discovery for the computer users, and public was already off. This time connection lasted about 4 minutes, however the MBWE kept prompting for my login and password, which it would not accept.

I had previously reset the MBWE (paperclip and button on back), and was able to change the master login and password back within those 4 minutes.

Then when connection was lost again I could not update anything using the web interface. When trying to add a folder I get a f00013 Error and to change the date and time I get a f00003 Error.

I will have a further look again this evening when I get home.

Sorry that didn’t work. Your problem sounds a little different than some of the other reports I’ve seen, since it’s failing so quickly. There’s another thing you can try.

  1. Re-enable network discovery

  2. Disable Twonky and MioNet on the MBWE

If the problem still persists, try plugging the MBWE directly into your computer so there are no other devices on the network.

If that still doesn’t work, let me know. It’s possible you might have a hardware problem, so you’ll want to copy important files off the drive if you can, starting with the absolutely most important.