My Book works with Which Version of SMB?

I am going to connect my newly purchased My Book to a NAS for use by Win 10 v1809 PC’s. Does it matter which version of Windows Feature SMB is used by the My Book HDD.?

Thank you.

It does not, Are you using the My Book as backup for the nas? Whats the setup

that’s entirely down to your NAS … as you’re using the My Book simply as external storage.

My Book’s have no Networking Features or SMB protocols … My Book Live’s do (as they are Network Accessed Storage ie, NAS)


Please see my reply that is posted to Joey’s respone.

Brandon & Joey,

Thank you for your interest and replies to my question. I will attempt to address both of your replies within this one post.

I desire to have the following setup:

Modem -> Router -> NAS -> Internal and/or External HDD’s. The My Book HDD will be connected to the NAS via a USB 3 port. (PC’s and other devices are connected to Router via Ethernet or WiFi)

Previously, I had a 1TB WD Elements HDD connected to the Router via the USB 2 port (SAMBA). We were able to use the Element – via Network in Windows File Explorer – as file storage and backup. Subsequent to the Windows update that disabled SMB v1, we were unable to use the Element via Network, and connected the Element directly to the PC’s. We eventually needed a larger capacity external storage device. Thus, my purchase of the 6TB My Book.

I believed that because the Element worked with the Router to create a functioning Networked storage option, the My Book would work in this role, also. I also believed that, because the My Book is a more recent production than the Element, the My Book would not have an issue with the SMB v1 Feature Issue.

This belief/assumption led to two additional issues: 1) The Router will only handle up to 4Tb devices, & 2) Mounting the My Book to the File Explorer Network appears to be impossible. (the My Book was mounted by and to the Router; I was able to add folders and permissions to the My Book via the Router’s GUI.) The same “unmountable” issues affect the Element, also. The Element appears in File Explorer/Network, but attempting to access the drive results in a “Network Path…” issue. I have attempted to apply the well documented multitudes of fixes and tweaks but none have resolved the issue. Thus, my belief that a NAS, with the My Book connected to it, will serve my needs for network-available storage and backup.

Perhaps I purchased the wrong type of HDD for this type of networked storage configuration. I am trying to make use, as I had originally planned, of the My Book I recently purchased.

Thank you for your time and attention to this post and issue.

it sounds like the issues are with your Router and NAS configuration/setup or firmware (do both of those devices support SMB2 or SMB3 ?) … as the hard drives are just simply storage which are using USB and no network protocols.

if you want to test if the issue is at all related to the disabled SMB v1 … then re-enable SMB v1 and see if it makes any difference.

in a nutshell i see what your wanting todo. Use the mybook for network storage, It wasnt really made for this. I would recommend you upgrade your router, Any of the Netgear 6100-6250-6300 have usb3 along with readyshare (what your wanting todo.) These routers are gigabit and are cheap, I have one for sell right now for under 20 USD on a app for tech stuff. With that said, Your kinda looking to create problems for yourself by asking what does the mybook support and dont support, Unless your an undergrad in networking (me) its kinda boils down to pick and choose your battles. My setup is WD Easystore 4tb Directly to router, On network I have a 8tb Mycloud v4 Nothing on Cloud USB port as its a waste of a device. I have the public shares of the cloud mapped at boot. My network has 18 devices, Also just for the fact the cloud is so slow to xfer data from any of the boxes, I have a 4tb my book that bounces around box to box then end result is the 8tb…

Edit: Also mount/map are very far from the same. Not mountable? Maybe, Unmountable Hrmm? Unmappable maybe? lol


Thank you for your quick response!

I have begun communications with the manufacturers of the router and NAS support teams to obtain needed info, and to ascertain the appropriateness of their respective devices to meet my networked storage needs.

Based on the information I am able to compile from them, you, bandon, and others, I will proceed to construct my network.


Galen W. Sievert, PCC-S, LICDC-CS, NCC, SAP, CCTP

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Thank you for your quick response and the info. It appears I will have to pick my battles subsequent to my following through on Joey’s suggestions an incorporating that with the info you have provided.

Yes, I am afraid that I purchased the incorrect WD HDD, and might have to obtain a different router. (I will decline you offer re: the Nextgear router at this time.)

It also appears that I should have been asking these questions before now. (My undergrad degree is in a field that promotes individual and corporate growth without the need for – or despite the lack of – Logic and Predictability.

I will continue my research into this matter and, hopefully soon, will have the knowledge and equipment that will allow me to construct a stable networked storage system.

(You mean Mapping and Mounting do not mean the same thing even though they both begin with the same letter of the alphabet? :wink:)


Galen W. Sievert