My Book won't wake after sleep

I have a 1TB WD My Book Home drive connected to a WDTV Live Streaming. If I pause the unit during a movie or just simply keep the unit on without playing media, the hard drive will eventually go into sleep mode. The issue is that the wdtv won’t wake up the drive when I un pause or play, so I’ll get an error “There is no media in the current folder”. I’ll then press the power button on the remote to put the wdtv into standby, I’ll press it again to start the WDTV. The light on the drive indicates that it’s now woken up, but the WDTV still gives the empty media warning. The only way to get it back is to either unplug the usb cable to the drive or perform a setup/system/device restart. I’ve read Unplugging the drive seems like a non-solution. I’ve used this drive on an older WDTV live plus for a long time with no issues. This seems like a firmware bug. I’m thinking about taking the WDTV streaming back.

Have you updated the firmware of the My Book Home?

I’m having this same problem, and I see mention of this same issue in various other places in these forums and on the web, apparently with no real solution.  Very frustrating.  Has anyone having this problem managed to solve it so far?

Same problem - no solution