My book won't show up in my windows computers but will on my ubuntu and xbox 360

So I use a ubuntu computer at home but when I’m on the road i use windows. It’s a windows XP. The external hdd shows up in my device manager, it says “this device is working properly” but isn’t showing up in my computer. I know drive works because i hook it up to my xbox and listen to music off of it and my ubuntu runs it fine.

Any help?

Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it have a letter assigned?


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If your drive is larger than 2TB and any single partition is larger than 2TB, this is going to be your issue.

Generally speaking, Windows XP has a 2TB limit per partition.

If your drive is larger than that, there are a number of solutions, but the easiest one is to split (partition) the drive into multiple partitions which are less than 2TB each

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I switched to a windows 7 computer. It shows up in device manager but not in disc management. So no letter

 ok so i got digging around and noticed that my data is in a non partition area and only 15gb (my xbox data) is partition. o.O no clue how this happenedor what to do

answered my own questoin, downloaded ubuntu 10.10 run the demo opened the drive (ubuntu doesn’t care if it’s allocated, corrupt, doesn’t have drivers, or waht ever) copyied all my files i wanted to the windows part of the internal hdd. Then i formattted the drive using windows and put all the data back on it. Thanks for your help anyways 

Great. Hopefully it will help someone else with a similar problem. My confusion was it working with the xbox and linux but not windows. I forgot to consider that the xbox made it’s own partition.

Well done, and you’ll probably prevent someone else from manually inflicted baldness. LOL