My Book with multiple computers? and or network sharable?

My Book Essential 1TB . . . running my first backup now (it found all my data files on first computer the laptop).  Apparently I am using the “Smartware” software.  I also have a desktop I would like to backup.

1.  Can I use My Book as a large external drive to get a large file from someone elses computer (like a large thumbdrive)? (or will the “smartware” S/W trying backing up their computer?)

2.  Can I use this drive to backup a second computer - desktop at home?  Is it smart enough to keep both computers seperate (using the “smartware” s/w)?

3.  Can I plug it into the desktop which is hard connected to wireless router and use it as a network drive?  Always backing up both computers (laptop and desktop)?  While simultaneously giving me access to its contents?

I am running Windows 7 on both computers?


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