My Book win 7 issues

My Book 2TB USB 3.0 win 7 64bit.

I have a couple of issues with this drive & have tried an external usb 3.0 card but hasent sorted the issue.

1st firmware updater doesnt work, is there a way to manually update the firmware. It just keeps telling me to unplug other usb… driving me nuts!

2nd windows hangs on logon screen, I tried a pci usb3.0 controller card, doesnt make any difference, so isnt the mobo usb 3.0 drivers & isnt nothing to do with boot options in BIOS.

And I have updated windows.

Help would be appreciated.

Go into BIOS and make sure it isn’t set to boot from USB also in there you may need to disable legacy USB devices.


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Cheers Joe.