My Book will unmount everytime I turn my computer off

I have checked my USB cable, all good. I checked the power supply, all good. My firmware and software are both up to date.

Everytime I turn my computer off or eject it it and then plug it back in, it is unmounted, adn won’t mount again.

In Disk Utility I can see Mybook greyed out.

I have two Mybook’s, one is no problem (my backup) my main one, is constant problems. At present I need to get files off of it to give to a client.

Any mounting suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hello jerroldhewson,

Did you check the health of your My Book using WD Drive Utility?

If not, then run Quick Test and Complete Drive Test to check the health of My Book drive.

Yes, I did thank you, it passed all tests. It just won’t mount. They said it is still under warranty so I believe I am getting a new one.