My Book (wdbaaf50000ebk) stuck in read only after reinstalling OS

I recently had a problem with my computer that required me to restor it to factory settings and reinstall my OS (XP). Now my WD My Book is stuck in read only mode.

I noticed a “hidden” System Volume Information that I didn’t noticed before. Could that be the cause of the problems? I also get an error message saying a file couldn’t be written, because the disc didn’t exist anymore.

Did you install SP3 and all the critical/important  Windows updates?


Yes, I loaded them all in an attempt to remove the write protection.

I’m at work right now. I’ll see if I can write to the drive tomorrow morning. I removed most of the files in the hidden folders. most looked like restore points, which were part of the problem with the computer, I think.

Got it working…sort of. Realized all the folders were locked, but not the main drive itself (files could still be added to the drive, not the already established folders), so I’m copying the folders, moving them to the drive and removing the originals. The new folders are able to be modified.

Ah, ya… Windoze does that.

When you re-install the OS, even if the user name is the same, Windows sees it as a different user.  The actual code, indicating which user “owns” those files and folders and can modify them, is a different number, even if the name is identical.

Generally what works is to go into the properties and change the ownership and the permissions to the new user, then the files and folders have full access again.

I’ll have to keep that in mind if this ever happens again.