My Book WD5000H1Q-00 Disable Sleep

I have a My Book WD5000H1Q-00 and when it’s connected via ESATA, the drive will spin-down after 10-minutes.  When this happens, Windows is unable to find the drive.

I’ve made sure that Windows power settings have “turn off hard drive” set to never.

Other posts show that firmware updates resolve this problem on other My Book drives, but I can’t find a firmware update for this one.

Or is there a software solution that will keep my drive awake?

The model number WD5000E032 doesnt show that it has ESATA.

I mistakenly typed the wrong model number, sorry for the confusion.

The correct model number is WD5000H1Q-00 and it does have eSATA.

I now see that there is a firmware update for this model, which I downloaded an installed.  However, the drive still goes to sleep after 10-minutes when connected via eSATA and can only be reconnected by unplugging and replugging.