My Book Vs My Book Essential for 2TB USB 3

ok, so this is what i understand:

My Book (about 25% more expensive):

Caviar Black drive (most likely) - ie faster

No backup software

My Book Essential

Caviar Green drive - ie slower

Backup software

encrypts the data so if you take the drive out a connect it on a motherboard you can’t get your data (according to one post) - not sure if this is before or after installing the backup software.

So my question is given that the My Book seems the better purchase, why do WD not advertise it on their site? And why do the main techie shops where i buy stuff here in the UK not have the My Book drive, but do have the Essentials? Is the My Book end of life or something? Got a problem with it?



Can you please provide me with the My Book model number in order to assist you better.