My Book using as internal windows shows unallocated

My book essential something happened and now not working,

1- no lights were on the box, so like every clever man

2- Opened case, took the drive out

3- Pluged as internal via sata

4- Can see in bios, can see in Com management, but as unallocated (i feel its smth bad, btw dont offer to format !)

5- Before went  bad, had password protection,

in the net guys says the data encrypted or smth. What the hack is that encrypted means ? (ok i know its worse than chinese language) but anyway where is the wd support ? How to retrieve data ? Didnt format, didnt choose anything when opened via computer management. The data is there i know, but how to reach em? So Please help

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Those who can help, shall the heaven wait him/her with lots of angels )

If the drive was password protected you will not be able to access the data by taking the drive out of the enclosure.  If the data has a high value to you I suggest you to contact a data recovery specialist.

It means that the USB interface board/connector encrypts data on its way to and from the disk. If the board is bad, and that’s the problem for sure, then the board must be repaired or else all is lost.