MY Book Thunderbolt for PC?

I am thinking of buying a MY Book Duo for Backup purposes, I have a NUC Skull Canyon Version NUC6I7KYK which has a Thunderbolt Port, as some of the newer Intel NUC PC’s do. Is it possible to use the Thunderbolt versions on PC? I would like to take advantage of the high transfer speeds of Thunderbolt.
Questions I have:

  1. Is there driver support for PC via Thunderbolt?
  2. Will the associated RAID Software function in a Windows Environment utilizing Thunderbolt
  3. I assume the drives can be reformatted to make them Windows Compatible?
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Hi Donjerue,

Yes, that’s right. You can reformat the drive in NTFS format in order to use it in windows. Yes, the RAID will be the same in Windows environment too. You can easily use your My Book Thunderbolt in PC without any driver updates.