My Book Thunderbolt Duo - Mounting Issues between two computers


My Thunderbolt Duo drive mounts on one of my Macbook Pro’s but not the other. Both computers run the same OS. On the computer where it doesn’t mount, it doesn’t show up in disk utility at all. The thunderbolt ports work with other devices. Is it possible that my drive is locked to only work with one computer?

Thank you for your consideration.

Did you connect another drive with the same MacBook Pro which is not getting mount with My Book Thunderbolt?
There may be issue with the thunderbolt port in MacBook which due to which My Book is not mounting. You should try to connect another drive with the same MacBook in order to get confirm about the thunderbolt port issue.

Hi asp73,

I connected monitors with thunderbolt to the MacbookPro that isn’t mounting with the My Book Thunderbolt. When connected, I can hear the drive whir up, but it doesn’t show anything.