My Book Studio LX won't stay mounted on my Mac

I have had a WD My Book Studio LX 2TB external drive since April (a little over 3 months).  Now the drive is having problems.  I had it connected via Firewire 800 to my Mac G5, but today it would not mount.  I switched to a USB connection, and the drive mounts, but within a minute or two it unmounts spontaneously, and I get an error message on the Mac that the Device was not removed properly.  Then after a few seconds to a minute, the drive mounts again, but then repeats the process by unmounting.   The light indicator on the front of the drive is not steady. Obviously the drive is not usable like this.

Any suggestions?   I have tried moving the power adapter to various outlets, but I don’t have another suitable power adapter to try.  My Mac is a PowerMac G5 running MacOS 10.5.8.


More on my story.

Today I connected the drive to a PC running Windows XP (via USB).  It seems to be working properly there, though it is hard to say for sure since the drive is not formatted for Windows.  However, the virtual SmartWare CD is readable, seemingly, and the drive light stays lit (does not blink as it does when connected to the Mac).

So, what does this mean?   A power supply issue?  Should I order a new power adapter from WD?

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these things are junk I want to throw it against a wall. I have 2 other WD 1 TB drives that are bulletproof and love them I bought this and it seems to mount only when it wants to I use the same connections that  I just unhooked a 1tb WD drive and it still wont mount did the firmware update and nothing . this will be the last WD i ever buy it seems that everone has this same problem how hard is it to get a drive to mount!!!