My Book Studio LX is locked, Can't unlock. Need software

I have tried to find the correct utility for a My Book Studio LX for Mac as when powered up it shows that it is locked and the computer nor any utility I have tried will recognize it. The hard drive has been unplugged for a year or so and seems to be functioning as the LCD screen lights up. Searching the wd site, there is no specific mention of my model # or WDBACH utilities. Any help would be appreciated.

WDBACH is an incomplete model number missing the size numbers (0020 = 2TB, 0030 = 3TB) and the color code after the size (HWT = White, HCH = Charcoal gray).

For example,WDBACH0030HAL is the complete model number for the 3TB aluminum WD My Book Studio LX.

In order to remove security, you will need to install WD SmartWare, open the app, connect the hard drive, and type 5 random passwords. This will provide you with an option to erase your hard drive and remove security.

WD SmartWare for Mac is available in the following link: