My Book Studio LX for Mac keeps ejecting itself

OK, this is starting to make me crazy.  I’ve got a My Book Studio LX 2TB that I’ve been using for maybe 7 months, with no problems.  500GB was partitioned for extra storage, and the rest was set up for Time Machine backups.  It was working fine up until 3 days ago, when I noticed that the icons were missing from my desktop.  Resetting/reconnecting the drive (connected via Firewire, btw) seemed to do the trick.  However, just today I saw the same thing happen.  Now the icons go away pretty quickly (inside of an hour or so), and it takes many tries to get it to show up again.  It doesn’t show up in Disk Manager, while it’s in this state.  I just tried updating the firmware, which it did with no apparent issues, but the problem still persists.  Any ideas, or am I totally screwed?  Thanks!

Hi there, Make sure you connect the drive to a confirmed working Wall Outlet, make sure the cable fits in properly and look for the device in Disk Management, If it shows there, run FirstAid on this drive and this will let you know if there are errors in the drive and will try to fix them.  

The power cable seems fine; the lit power light never shuts off during and after the ejection.  The cable fits fine, haven’t moved it in a long time.  I even switched power outlets to see if that was the issue, but no dice.  It was originally plugged into the computer via Firewire 800 cable; I’ve plugged it in via USB, and see if that makes a difference.  I’m hoping it’s a bad Firewire cable at worst.  When it ejects, it does NOT show up in Disk Management.  I am running Verify Disk on the drive, and will update once it finishes.

The Verify Disk just completed - no apparent issues on either my Time Machine volume or the separate storage volume.