My Book Studio ll 2TB - white light flashes, not recognised

My Book Studio ll 2TB is not recognised by My new MAC with El Capitan 10.11.6. The white light on the drive flashes off on on about 1 second apart. After about 15 minutes I get a computer message that says the computer does not recognise the drive and asks to Ignore or Eject, even though it never showed up. If I choose Eject, it then just has the slow pulsing white indicator light. Is it dead / dying? Will I be able to retrieve the data? I did try downloading the Utilities from WD but it says “connect hard drive” so I don’t think it picks it up to diagnose.


It is possible the partition is corrupted but before you try anything on the computer I recommend you make sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet just to make sure it is not a power issue.

Hi Hamlet

Thanks for your reply and advice. The drive is plugged into the wall outlet, and the same power plug and connection to my Mac works for other My Book Studio ll drives that we have. When you say “…before I try anything on the computer…”, what could I try to see if it is damaged or corrupt, or should I be sending the drive to have the data extracted? It contains a lot of backup artwork for our business (graphic design) and I would like to retrieve it somehow.

Thanks again for your advice.


You cloud try the “First Aid” option on disk utility and try to repair the partition.