My Book Studio II & Studio

I’ve a My Book Studio connected to my Mac running OS X 10.7 by FW and WD SmartWare installed. It running good.

Today I connect a My Book Studio II to the same Mac. And install WD RAID Manager.

If I only connect Studio II, the RAID Manager menu icon can show up and display my Studio II status w/o problem.

But if I connect the Studio to Mac, then only WD SamrtWare can show my Studio, and NO  Studio II show up in RAID Manager.

Is there any conflict between RAID Manager and SmartWare?

P.S. my connection is Mac FW → Studio II → Studio

WD Smartware is not for the MB Studio 2.

The MB Studio 2 comes with WD Anywhere Backup. You can download it  here.

You can also setup a backup with Time Machine. I’ll rather do the latter.

I have My Book Studio & Studio II.

And I need Smartware for Studio, not for Studio II 

Oh ok, I’m sorry, Did not quite got what you meant. Looks like there’s a conflict when you connect the second drive and then the Raid Manager will not work or not display the MB Studio 2.

Try connecting one drive trough usb and another trough firewire and see if you have the same problem.

Also please make sure to download the  Turbo Drivers