My Book Studio II 6tb questions

I’m the proud owner of a My Book Studio II 6tb, which I intend to use to store my media for my WDTV Live SMP Media Player.  I’ve contacted WD support previously, who’ve confirmed the two will work with each other.

But my lapdog (through which I’ll be transferring the media on to the MBS) is Windows 7.  I’m guessing I’ll need to do something to format the drive for Windows.

So, first question, what do I have to do?

Second question, if I just connect the MBS to the Media Player, will I be able to transfer files to it over my network using my Windows laptop as a controller?


Steve W

The drive can be formatted with the drive manager app

you have the option to change raid and format on NTFS

when connected to the USB it will appear on the network as any other external drive when connected to the SMP

good thing you mentioned this… I wondered if this one was supported on the SMP :smiley:

I’m transferring files onto it now.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

Steve W

Okay, it took a bit of head-scratching to get the MBS converted to Windows, as I’d never done anything like that before.  But once going, it was really a piece of cake.

I transferred a few files over, hooked it up to the SMP, and it works fine.

It’ll be interesting to see how well it works when I have 2 hooked up, both nearly full.  All in all I have about 10.5 TB of films, so two is good, with a bit to spare.  I might even see if I can attach an extra USB hub, but my experiences trying to get this to work in the past were not completely positive.

Steve W


WD TV LIVE HD + My Book Studio II 6 TB

I have a WD TV Live HD (firmware: 1.06.34_V) with an 2TB and 3TB USB disc working fine. Now both discs are full and so I bought a:  My Book Studio II 6TB (2 x 3 TB - Raid 0 - NTFS with Win 7 tools formated) to replace my old 2 TB disc.

My problem is that my WD-Player don’t find the new 6 tb-Disc. Perhaps the old WD Player don’t support Dual Disc USB Drives?

My request:

  1. Can someone confirm that this is not supportet

  2. Is that sure, that it works with the newest WD TV Live Player? 

PS:  Sry for my bad english and thanks for your efforts

Mine definitely works.

Indeed, I’ve had both the 6tb and a 2tb both connected to the front USB port via a USB hub, and the WDTVLSMP found both.

Haven’t tried it with a second 6tb attached to the back yet, though.

Steve W

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Hi Steve

  • Thank for your very interesting answer. I read that someone with WDTV Live Player had problems with the Sudio disc (4TB) after updating to the newest patch.

  • I made one year ago tests with USB hub and WDTV found only the first disc of both attached discs on USB hub. Is that problem also resolved with the new WDTV SMB (edit: should really work with the SMB Player)


  1. Do you use the newest firmware for your WDTVSMP?  edit:  it works with newest 

  2. Do you know if your 6 TB Studio disc works also without USB-Hub?  edit:  yes, it does

Fabio L

edit:    I buy tomorrow the smb player - my third WD TV Player :slight_smile: - So I hope that it works.

edit 2:  I bought today the new WDTV Live SMP and it works really with My Book Studio II 6tb (usb)

thanks and bye

Fabio L